Wednesday, April 23, 2014

You are Foxy *Jillibean Soup*

Hello! I have a quick drive-by post today. I have a card I created for the Jillibean Soup blog. (Love the Heart Healthy collection!)

That little fox is just too cute!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Oh boy *Jillibean Soup*

It's Friday! Any fun plans this weekend? Lots of family time here and I need to pull out the camera and get some more shots of the kids with various people (me included).

I have a layout to share today. It was up on the Jillibean Soup blog yesterday. This one I created using my leftover bits of Jillibean product for my application. It was getting desperate. I created the required two cards and one layout using the Valentine's Heart Healthy collection but I needed a second layout that used different products. Here's what I created:

This is the one time when my hoarding frugal nature really helped out! I tend to save larger pieces of patterned paper that I love, so I had just enough to pull off this page.

Oh, I also tend to save striped patterned paper because I have a thing for stripes... And label stickers... Would you believe me if I told you that I purge majorly every six months? I do ;) Really I do. My space is limited, but there are just some things along the way that I am unable to give up. Jillibean products fall into that category!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting trendy *SEI*

Trends. Have you noticed what's trendy lately? Well geometric shapes are trendy -especially triangles and circles. I created two cards for the SEI blog focussing on these trends:

First up -triangles. Terrific colours and stickers in the Vogue collection. This first card came together really quickly because the stickers did all the work for me!

Next up are circles. This was also a quick and easy card. I used a punch and my circle die set with some foam dots and the card came together easily. I used the Catalina collection for this one.

As you can see, both cards are similar in design but look very different. I love creating cards this way -adds to the ease and the speed as the design is already done ;)
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Sunshine cards *Pink Paislee*

Hello! I was up on the Pink Paislee blog earlier this week. I was up for Design Lab. When I need to get my mojo back, I choose a trend and put it to work. I chose banners and decided to use them 3 different ways on 3 different cards. Here's what I created:

This first one, I used the banner as a base layer for my card and a grounding point for my embellishments.

Next, I used bannered pattern paper to my card for visual interest. The card would have otherwise been too linear.

Finally, I created a little banner across the card with bannered pieces of paper. This works well as an embellishment for my card.

I used the amazing Hello Sunshine collection for all three cards.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh-So-Cute! *SEI*

Good day. I have a page to share that was up on the SEI blog earlier this week. I put this beautiful Perfection collection to use. The collection includes a page of die cut butterflies and they are so pretty! Here's what I created:

This is our niece. We met her for the first time at my brother's wedding in New York. Outside of the wedding day, she was the star of the show. We all wanted a little snuggle. And look at those blue eyes!

 I used some foam dots to help maintain some for the dimension with the butterfly wings. The twine was included in the collection kit so the orange matched the paper perfectly. I really enjoyed the gray throughout the paper and think I should use gray a little bit more...

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Happy Monday! Sorry for the crickets... Unexpected events can take away from one's time and mojo ;)

I have a layout to share today. I pulled out some products that I had ordered from Chic tags a little while back. This is some heavy patterned paper! Love it!

My sister visited last fall and the kids had a great time with Auntie B! Little Man and Auntie B were happy to pose for a couple of pictures. I was too busy laughing to adjust the camera, but the pictures were just to fun to leave un-scrapped!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweet & Tiny *Pink Paislee*

Hello! I have a page to share today. This page is based on the theme of '4 or more' and was up on the Pink Paislee blog yesterday.

Because the pictures are a little busy, I decided to keep the page relatively simple. Can I tell you how much I love the new collection Hello Sunshine? Gorgeous!

The striped alpha with this collection is really fun! It adds a great spin to the line! 

I pulled out the 6x6 paper pad for the smaller print to use the banner pieces.

I can't wait to tuck into the paper again! Love the colours!

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